Arab League critical of Australia and Brazil

Brazil and Australia recently agreed to recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. These were big moves that satisfied some, like the Trump administration, but it upset the Arab League.

The move on the part of Brazil and Australia follows the lead of the United States to move their capitol there in December from Tel Aviv. President Trump had long made this promise prior to his election as president.

The Arab League recently sent a high-level delegation to attempt to persuade Brazil and Australia to reconsider their decision. The basis of their objection is based on international law.

Both the Palestinians and Israel lay claim to Jerusalem as their capitols. The Palestinians claim the eastern part as their capitol. However, Israel took position of Jerusalem as part of the 1967 Six Dar War. Since that time, both parties have been in acrimonious disputes over Jerusalem.

It remains to be seen whether the attempts of the Arab League will dissuade Brazil and Australia. The reality is that while other countries have refrained from moving their embassies, these countries have chosen to do so.

Nonetheless, this is an important issue being talked about in international law. It will be interesting to see if other counties follow the lead of the United States, Brazil and Australia or whether they do not.

It will also be interesting to see in the future if the decision is reconsidered after the present administrations in these counties are out of power.