The International Academy of Collaborative Attorneys changing family law practice

Divorce and family law matters are traditionally litigated in state family courts throughout the country. When parties cannot settle outside of court, these cases are typically put in the hands of the family court judge.

Due to the fact that litigation a divorce or family law matter can be expensive in an emotional and financial sense, many are looking for other alternatives. Mediation has been out there a long time. Many try mediation to settle their case outside of court.

However, collaborative practice is another option that is gaining steam worldwide. The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“IACP”) is an international organization that promotes and facilitates collaborative practice.

There are thousands of attorneys worldwide who are members of the IACP. There are also practice groups in various counties throughout the world.

Areas in which there are members are the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Collaborative practice is truly an international effort that is gaining steam to change the way family law matters are resolved worldwide.

It will be interesting to see over time how this international movement progresses and takes hold. Will this be the new way that many family law matters are resolved worldwide? Or are family law matters too contentious for this to truly work on a significant level?

Only time will tell, but it is an interesting trend to follow.